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"Dalai Lama Renaissance" Documentary Film (narrated by Harrison Ford)

Dalai Lama Renaissance
                                          documentary film DVD

The original award-winning documentary film narrated by Harrison Ford. Go on this personal journey to transform yourself and the world. Winner of 12 awards, and screened to sold-out audiences in cinemas around the world. Includes 105 minutes of Special Features.

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"Dalai Lama Renaissance Vol. 2:
A Revolution of Ideas"

Dalai Lama Renaissance
                                          Vol 2: A Revolution of Ideas

Explore deeper with Volume 2 of "Dalai Lama Renaissance." What is it like meeting the Dalai Lama and speaking with him in a small room about his ideas about facing the challenges of our time? Eavesdrop on this intimate conversation between great minds in their quest for a better world.

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                                        Lama Renaissance Vol 1 and 2
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                                        Dalai Lama Renaissance Film


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