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Public Talk in Auckland, New Zealand on December 5: His Holiness will give a public talk on A Peaceful Mind organized by the Dalai Lama Visit Trust New Zealand.

Teaching in Auckland, New Zealand on December 6:His Holiness will give teachings on Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhicitta (jangchup semdrel) Zealand.

Contact Website: www.dalailamavisit.org.nz


In December 2009 His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet will visit New Zealand to give a Public Talk and Buddhist Teaching at the invitation of the Tibetan Buddhist community of New Zealand.

Loved and respected worldwide as a man of peace, a scholar and spokesman for better understanding among people and religions, His Holiness will visit Auckland on December 5th and 6th to give a Public Talk and Buddhist Teaching imparting the message of love, compassion, kindness and universal responsibility.

This visit is a wonderful opportunity for all New Zealanders to again see and hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama in person.

A Peaceful Mind
Saturday December 5th 2009, 2.00pm

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a Public Talk on A Peaceful Mind at the Vector Arena in Auckland on Saturday December 5th 2009. This public talk is suitable for a general audience and all are welcome.
Tickets will be $20.00 per seat

Everybody wants a happy, successful life. Of course, external conditions are important, but I think that for a happy life, a happy family, and a happy community, much depends on our mental attitude. The key factor, I feel, is human compassion, a sense of caring for one another.

Sometimes, when we talk about the value of compassion and forgiveness and love, people get the impression these are religious matters. What I believe, according to my own experience, is that a calm, peaceful mind is a very important element for sustaining the body in a balanced way. When you lose your temper, immediately you feel uncomfortable. Eventually, you lose your digestion and sleep. So, whether you are a believer or a non-believer, the peaceful mind in daily life is very, very important.

According to different religious traditions, there are different methods. For example, a Christian practitioner may meditate on God’s grace, God’s infinite love. This is a very powerful concept in order to achieve peace of mind. A Buddhist practitioner may be thinking about relative nature and also Buddha-nature. This is also very useful. I’m a Buddhist monk, so I’m practicing according to this teaching.

I believe each human being has the potential to change, to transform one’s own attitude, no matter how difficult the situation. We are human beings, and we have this marvelous brain and marvelous heart, so there is potential to develop a proper mental attitude, through which we can have a happy, more peaceful life. I think the remarkable thing we’re observing now among those who have some experience with Buddhist teaching and practice is that when these people are passing through a traumatic period, the standard of mental peace always remains.


Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhicitta

Sunday December 6th 2009, 10am -12 Noon, 1.30pm -3.30pm.
Developing a kind heart and awakening the mind is not just a sentimental or religious goal.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a Buddhist Teaching on Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhicitta at the Vector Arena in Auckland on Sunday December 6th 2009. This public talk is suitable for a general audience and all are welcome. Tickets will be $60.00 per seat

Nagarjuna’s text is a commentary on a verse from the root tantra of Guhyasamaja.

In introducing Nagarjuna’s text, His Holiness discusses the etymology of Bodhicitta, noting that the Bodhisattva path relies on the analytical power of intelligence to transform the mind through purification of afflictions and obscurations and attainment of realizations of ultimate reality.

It is for everyone, irrespective of race, religion or political affiliation. It is for anybody who considers themselves a member of the human family.

Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhicitta touches on the two aspects of the awakening mind, the twin qualities of wisdom and compassion, which are necessary for anyone who aspires to be a better person and implement change in their lives. The instructions for cultivating them within each of us are explained in this Teaching, so that we too may follow in the footsteps of the Buddha.

Recognised as one of the most accomplished Buddhist Masters, His Holiness will deliver these teachings based on his own profound and authentic experience of compassion, loving kindness and inner peace. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu recently has stated, “His Holiness the Dalai Lama is not simply a holy man. He is recognized throughout the world as one of our few true moral authorities. He is a teacher who has shown us all how to live our lives with compassion, non violence and love.”

Buddhists and non Buddhists alike, come away profoundly moved and motivated to take responsibility and create positive changes in their lives.

Contact Website: www.dalailamavisit.org.nz

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