Share “Dalai Lama Renaissance” with your friends and community as an affiliate-partner, and earn a percentage of every DVD that you sell to help fundraise for your orgsnization or website

DVD cover for "Dalai Lama Renaissance" (narrated by Harrison Ford)

DVD cover for "Dalai Lama Renaissance" (narrated by Harrison Ford)

Click here to register as a “Dalai Lama Renaissance” affiliate:

“Dalai Lama Renaissance” has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of people in sold-out screenings at theaters and film festivals around the world.

Almost every day, we receive emails from people who have seen “Dalai Lama Renaissance” at a screening or on DVD, and who have been deeply impacted in a positive way.

We are looking for friends and partners to help us share the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” DVD with others, and receive a percentage of each sale that they make to help and strengthen their organization.

At the same time that you are helping fundraise with the film, you offer your website visitors and email list members a 15% discount on purchasing the DVD (a discount only available through the website), as well as the opportunity to be inspired by a film that has impacted audiences around the world.

Becoming an affiliate-partner is easy: simply register, include a banner image for the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” DVD on your website (or your unique DVD purchase link in emails to your friends and email list), and then when someone purchases a DVD from your efforts, we ship the DVDs from our office. You receive your portion of each DVD sold at the end of each month.

You don’t need to handle or ship any DVDs – we do that for you. All that you do is to:

1) register as a “Dalai Lama Renaissance” affiliate-partner, here:

2) Log in to your newly created account

3) From your affiliate account page, select and add the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” DVD banner image to your website (located from the options on the left side of the affiliate account page), or include your unique affiliate DVD purchase link in an email that you send to your email list, friends, collegues an family.

4) You automatically earn a percentage of every DVD that is purchased through your banner link or link clicked from an email that you send.

5) You receive your commission payments at the end of every month.

To become a partner in offering “Dalai Lama Renasisance” to your organization’s members and friends, please visit:

If you have any questions about becoming an affiliate, please email us at:

partners (at)

You may also purchase wholesale quantities of the “Dalai Lama Renaissance” DVD, by emailing us here:

wholesale (at)

Thank you for helping us share the powerful impact of “Dalai Lama Renaissance” with as many people as possible.


Khashyar Darvich
“Dalai Lama Renaissance”

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  • Gene Lawson said on Mar 20, 2009 12:51 pm

    When will the DVD’s be available?

  • Khashyar said on Apr 12, 2009 10:56 am

    Hi Gene,

    The DVD will be available for advance purchase beginning April 15, 2009.

    Khashyar Darvich
    “Dalai Lama Renaissance”

  • michel kassi said on Jun 28, 2009 3:35 am


    I was just looking at your site and read your offer concerning an
    affiliate program; Now I don’t have an affiliate program on my own (I
    am actually working in the film industry in France). But I though I
    might take the time to review your text and translate it into proper
    french. Your french is good but they are a few mistakes and sometimes,
    the message is a bit difficult to understand. You will therefore find
    a proper french translation down below…feel free to use it on your
    web site.


    Michel kassi.

    Recevez (you can use “gagnez” but “recevez” is less aggressive) un
    pourcentage sur chaque DVD de “La Renaissance du Dalaï-Lama” que vous
    vendez en tant que partenaire affilié.

    “La Renaissance du Dalaï-lama” a eu un impact positif sur des
    centaines de milliers de gens, suite à sa projection en salle et dans
    les festivals de cinéma à travers le monde.

    Presque chaque jour, nous recevons des emails de gens qui ont vu « La
    renaissance du Dalaï-lama » durant une projection et qui ont été
    profondément touchés par ce film.

    Nous recevons par ailleurs plusieurs courriers chaque jours, de gens
    qui nous ont demandé d’être incrits sur notre liste de diffusion afin
    d’acheter un DVD.

    Nous recherchons des amis et des partenaires pour nous aider à
    diffuser ce DVD le plus largement possible, ceci en contre partie d’un
    pourcentage sur chaque vente et afin de vous permettre d’élargir la
    gamme de produits de votre organisation.

    Nous aurons bientôt un formulaire en ligne vous permettant de vous
    inscrire comme partenaire de « La renaissance du Dalaï-lama » ce qui
    vous permettra d’obtenir une bannière de promotion du film que vous
    pourrez intégrer à votre site internet (ou dans les courriers
    électroniques que vous envoyez à vos membres). Vous pourrez ainsi
    partager, avec vos membres, le regard rempli d’inspiration que nous
    transmet ce film .

    Le programme d’affiliation est simple – Lorsqu’une personne achète le
    DVD grâce à vos efforts, nous lui expédions le DVD de notre bureau et
    nous vous envoyons la commission qui vous revient via PayPal ou par la
    caisse Google.

    Pour plus de renseignements sur notre programme, veuillez s’il vous
    plait nous laisser un message à l’email ci-après; partenaires [@]

    merci et à très bientôt.


    Khashyar Darvich

    Producteur – Réalisateur.

    « Renaissance du Dalaï-lama ».

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