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Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith - Biography:



Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith: Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Agape International Spiritual Center, an 8000 member transdenominational spiritual community.  A Co-founder and President of Association for Global New Thought, Dr. Beckwith is the originator of the Life Visioning Process, an author and composer.  He shares with Dr. Arun Gandhi and Mary Manin Morrissey the national Co-directorship of A Season for Nonviolence, and is an assembly member of the Parliament of the World's Religions.  Dr. Beckwith is a keynote speaker throughout the nation.  His commitment to world peace has drawn public recognition including awards such as The Gandhi-King-Ikeda Award from Morehouse College, the Humanitarian Award of the National Council for Community and Justice, The Howard Thurman Stained Glass Window Award and many others. He is featured in the documentary film "The Secret."


Videos of Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from "Dalai Lama Renaissance":

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith meets the Dalai Lama

Dr. Michael Beckwith (from the AGAPE Spiritual Center and the films "The Secret" and "Living Luminaries") meeting and receiving a blessings scarf from the Dalai Lama. (Click Here)

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith from the Secret - everyone can make a difference in the world Dr. Michael Beckwith speaking about how everyone can make a difference in the world, and how everyone has their own unique gifts to contribute. (Click Here)


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