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Myron Kellner-Rogers - Biography:



Myron Kellner-Rogers: Myron E. Rogers is an author, speaker and consultant with a global practice in large-scale organization change and leadership development.  As Myron Kellner-Rogers, he co-authored the best selling A Simpler Way (Berrett-Koehler, 1996, 2002) with Margaret J. Wheatley, his long time former consulting partner. His work has also appeared in many edited books. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles in scholarly and trade publications, and he has been a regular columnist for News for a Change (AQP) and The Journal of Strategic Performance Measurement.  Myron has been engaged in the leadership, design and delivery of large-scale strategic change efforts in the private and public sectors throughout the world.  His work has covered a broad range of organizations and issues, from battlefield learning for the U.S. Army, to leadership development for the U.S. Episcopal priesthood; from business leadership transition in post-Apartheid South Africa to global strategic change for Unocal Corporation; from innovation creation for Hewlett-Packard to communities of practice in U.S. urban school districts; from merger integration for the U.K. National Health System to learning laboratories for Nokia in Finland; from cultural transformation at Barclays Bank to community development in Venezuela. He has been a keynote speaker for numerous professional and public audiences, and has appeared on radio and television broadcasts worldwide.  For many years, Myron led popular public seminars on self-organizing systems in the U.S., U.K., South Africa and Australia with Fritjof Capra and Margaret Wheatley, as well as public dialogues seeking insight into the new organizational forms and leadership required for the future. Myron is a co-founder The School for Managing and Change.  He has served as visiting faculty for executive development programs Cornell and Pepperdine Universities.  Myron has been named a Global Thought Leader by both the Leader to Leaders Institute and the Fetzer Institute. He is a co-founder with Margaret Whealtley of The Berkana Institute, an educational and research foundation supporting public inquiry into the new organizational ideas, forms and leadership required for the future.

Videos of Myron Kellner-Rogers from "Dalai Lama Renaissance":

Myron Kellner-Rogers meets the Dalai Lama

Myron Kellner-Rogers (Author of "A Simpler Way" and founder of The Berkana Institute) meeting and receiving a blessings scarf from the Dalai Lama. (Click Here)


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