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Thank you for your interest in contacting us in regards to "Dalai Lama Renaissance."

Please use the email address below based upon why you would like to contact us.

We will never share your email address with anyone else.

We try to answer all emails that we receive, but because of our travel schedule and other commitments, we may not be able to answer all emails or requests. Thank you for your understanding.

We really appreciate your interest in "Dalai Lama Renaissance."


The "Dalai Lama Renaissance" is available for purchase NOW. Please click HERE for more information.

* Purchasing a DVD allows for for individual home use only. To host or schedule a screening of "Dalai Lama Renaissance" for your group or organization, please read screening information here: SCREENING INFO

If you have any additional questions about the DVD, you may email us at:

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"Dalai Lama Renaissance" has been very popular around the world, and has played to sold out audiences in Germany, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Monaco, the United States, England, Canada, and other places.

Our goal is to make "Dalai Lama Renaissance" available to as many people as possible.

Part of achieving this is screening the film in theaters, centers and auditoriums for organizations around the world.

If you would like information as to how your theater or organization can book a screening of "Dalai Lama Renaissance," including having the Producer-Directors appear in person to speak about the film and/or hold a Q&A after the screening, please read the information on our "Host a Screening" page, here: SCREENING INFO  Afterwhich, please feel free to email us at:





If you would like to receive periodic email updates about "Dalai Lama Renaissance," including when there will be a screening in your area, as well as news about awards and the DVD release, then please send an email to:

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For general inquiries, that are not covered by the other topics on this please, please email us at:

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